yours / Yosuke Hayashi

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Designer | Yosuke Hayashi Size | w.520 h.750
Material|incense, paper

The existence of this silent object serves as a metaphor for your daily life and limited time, creating a special bond between you and
I hope that a little richness, new stories and value will be born.

As a metaphor of limited time, I place my wishes that these silent objects give birth to,
a special bond, or a subtle richness, and a new story or value.

*This is a blank poster. The user is free to write anything on this paper or leave it blank and decorate it.
Then tear the paper into pieces and burn them whenever you like. This paper is a special paper impregnated with fragrance, and you can enjoy the aroma when you burn it.

*This is a blank poster. Customer can create their own poster or put up it in blank. Then please tear when you would like to do.
This is perfumed special paper. So when you burn this paper, you enjoy a fragrance.
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yours / Yosuke Hayashi

yours / Yosuke Hayashi