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stainless steel blouson

raglan sleeves

cuff slit

back hem slit

chin strap

Double welt pocket zipper opening

fly fly wing

Full core bonding

Fully lined

All colors = black matte button

C/#10,90 = Kinari Tape/BK Mushizip

C/#75 = BK Tape/BK Mushizip

XXS: Length 67.5cm / Sleeve length 78.5cm / Width 63cm / Hem width 63cm / Cuff circumference 31.5cm

XS: Length 70.5cm / Sleeve length 81.5cm / Width 66cm / Hem width 66cm / Cuff circumference 33cm

S: Length 74cm / Sleeve length 89cm / Width 69.5cm / Hem width 69.5cm / Cuff circumference 34.5cm

M: Length 77cm / Sleeve length 92.5cm / Width 72cm / Hem width 72cm / Cuff circumference 36cm


1/14 Carding Wool Furano

1/14 Carded wool flannel

Wool 90% Nylon 10%

Twill flannel fabric using 1/14 wool thread.

This is a British flannel fabric that uses slightly coarse wool and is slightly rough and dense.

The outer material is made of thick material because the interlining is bonded.

Please dry clean your laundry.

women / Model H = 164cm

men / Model H = 179cm

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