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fabric tank top

#150% series

Made 150% larger than normal

Inner belt attached on both sides

Designed to be worn on the back

When worn, the armpits move toward the center, creating a compact silhouette.

Side slit

The back hem is a little long

Side seam pocket

XS: Length 108cm / Shoulder width 53cm / Width 78cm / Hem width 78.5cm


Wool & linen gauze twill

Wool&Linen / Gauze Twill

Wool 55% Linen 45%

This is a sweet gauze mixed twill fabric with a wool linen weave, using 2/48 spun wool for the warp and 40/- linen for the weft.

The fabric is subjected to a considerable amount of fulling, and the product is then washed to create the wavering texture of sweet woven wool fabric.

By washing it many times, it has become thicker even though it is made of sweet woven gauze fabric, and has become thick enough to be worn in winter.

The fabric is characterized by its roughness, so there may be creases and wrinkles, but this is a characteristic of this fabric. note that.

Since it uses spun wool yarn, it tends to shrink when washed with water, so if you wash it at home, please soak it in water for as short a time as possible and use detergent specifically designed for washing wool.

Product washed and tumble dried

Because the product is washed, the texture and size may vary slightly depending on the color.

women / Model H = 169cm

men / Model H = 179cm

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