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swing top blouson

stainless steel collar

raglan sleeves

Center front button and zipper

Adjustable with cuff tabs and buttons

Chin strap on the back of the collar

Box opening pocket

No lining

All colors = black matte button

C/#03 = Kinari Tape/BK Mushizip

C/#95 = BK Tape/BK Mushizip

XS: Length 71.5cm / Sleeve length 85.5cm / Width 66cm / Hem width 66.5cm / Cuff circumference 31cm

S: Length 74.5cm / Sleeve length 91.5cm / Width 68.5cm / Hem width 69.5cm / Cuff circumference 32cm

M: Length 78.5cm / Sleeve length 95cm / Width 72.5cm / Hem width 73cm / Cuff circumference 34cm


Non-plying polyester stretch calze

Non-plying Polyester Stretch Karsey

Polyester 100%

This is a calze woven from filament polyester thread processed with Taslan processing.

Although it is slightly thick, it is lightweight and has a cottony feel, making it very easy to handle.

It does not shrink when washed or tumble dried, but I wash it once and tumble dry it to let the stitches blend in.

Product washed and tumble dried

women / Model H = 169cm

men / Model H = 179cm

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