Short by short / Hironobu Yamabe

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A frame made of wood scraps produced when making a frame.
A work that questions the relationship between the meaning and function of objects themselves.
It is a very beautiful work in concept and appearance.

Short by short
Designer | Hironobu Yamabe Size | W317×H386, T30mm

The relationship between space and things can be surprisingly interesting if you start thinking about it for some reason.
And I think that the more the object becomes far removed from functionality and practicality for the space, the more it becomes free of space and imagination.

Space and objects when you start thinking of these two it is surprisingly interesting.
And when those objects are unleashed from function and utility the atmosphere and your imagination shall be freed.

*This contains wood chips produced when making the frame. It is up to the user to use it as a decoration or to add some function to it.
*It is contained the sawn wood which is produced when the frame was manufactured. Consumer can display or use as an instrument of something.

Hironobu Yamabe

Born in Kumamoto in 1962.
In 2004, exhibited a mushroom card installation and a hope/goodnews installation in Stockholm.
In 2005, created an installation using hope/goodnews rags at E&Y exhibition (Shibuya).
In 2008, he held a solo exhibition at CLEAR GALLERY (Aoyama), and in 2009 he held a solo exhibition / Short view Short books at the same gallery.
In 2010, a joint project with Mr. Fumikazu Ohara was exhibited at Raum 1F (Jingumae).

1962 Born in Kumamoto
Resent Exhibitions
2004 An installation project, Stockholm, Sweden "hope/goodnews" installation project, Tokyo, JAPAN.
2005 "hope/goodnews" installation project, Tokyo, JAPAN. 2008 Solo exhibition "Bitter Harvest", CLEAR GALLERY, Tokyo, JAPAN.
2009 Solo exhibition "Short View / Short Books", CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY, Tokyo, JAPAN.
2010 "Vital Extra" (with Fumikazu Ohara), Raum 1F, Tokyo, JAPAN.

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Short by short / Hironobu Yamabe

Short by short / Hironobu Yamabe