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Loose tapered silhouette
9/4 length
Roomy in the crotch area
Front waist 1 tuck
#No armpits
Because there is no armpit
The cylindrical feel is emphasized
Front and back side pockets
Elastic waist & string



Grampian wool dry hard twill
2/60 Grampians wool Dry hard Twill
100% wool

It is a hard twill fabric folded with 2/60 worsted wool.
The material is dry to the touch and has a strong texture that creates a beautiful silhouette, but at the same time it has a suppleness that allows it to drape beautifully. Since it uses worsted wool, it is a fabric that can be worn hard without worrying about pilling.

The body of the coat is lined with quilted Mitsubishi Chemical Corebrid batting.
Even though it is padded, it is a very lightweight material that is easy to wear.

women / Model H = 171cm
men / Model H = 183cm

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