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stainless steel collar coat
big raglan sleeves
Cuff belt buckle
chin strap
Front center wing button opening
Box opening pocket
Full core bonding
Fully lined
(Body quilted lining)
Highly functional fabric KOMATHERMO
Quilting on the inside fabric

Buckles and buttons are all BK


Grampian wool dry hard twill
2/60 Grampians wool Dry hard Twill
100% wool

It is a hard twill fabric folded with 2/60 worsted wool.
The material is dry to the touch and has a strong texture that creates a beautiful silhouette, but at the same time it has a suppleness that allows it to drape beautifully. Since it uses worsted wool, it is a fabric that can be worn hard without worrying about pilling.

The body of the coat is lined with quilted Mitsubishi Chemical Corebrid batting.
Even though it is padded, it is a very lightweight material that is easy to wear.

women / Model H = 171cm
men / Model H = 183cm

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