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tapered pants
8.5 length
Front and back seam pockets on the sides
Elastic waist & string


Polyester typewriter/coma thermo quilt
Cotton like polyester typewriter / KOMA THERMO Quilt
Polyester 100%

The outer material has a natural, cotton-like appearance due to washer processing, and is made of high-density polyester typewriter fabric with excellent anti-pilling properties, high-performance batting KOMATHERMO (Komathermo) inside, and polyester lining is bonded to the lining and quilted with fine stitching. It's fabric.
KOMATHERMO is different from regular batting materials in that it is a thin, lightweight fabric made of 59% polyester and 41% nylon, and is a high-tech material that has high heat insulation and windproof properties, as well as moisture absorption and heat generation effects and durable antistatic properties. It does not contain spunbond, etc., which is necessary when quilting batting materials, and is thin, lightweight, and has the same performance as quilting with batting. The material can be washed with water at home.

Please be careful as the quilting thread can easily get caught. There may also be small knots or skipped stitches.

women / Model H = 171cm
men / Model H = 183cm

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