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Tank top
#150% series
Made 150% larger than normal
With inner belt on both sides
Designed to be worn on the back
When worn, the armpits move toward the center, creating a compact silhouette.
Side slit
The back hem is a little long
Side seam pocket


Polyester/warp knitted corduroy
Polyester corduroy warp knitting
Polyester 100%
garment washed

A polyester tricot knit fabric that expresses corduroy with warp knitting. The ridges on the front side are brushed to create a corduroy-like texture, so unlike regular pile-cut corduroy, the fabric does not shed fuzz, and is stretchy and easy to care for.
Due to the product being washed, there may be individual differences in size.

Product washed and tumble dried

women / Model H = 169cm
men / Model H = 179cm

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