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curve tapered pants
No side hook
Because there is no armpit
The cylindrical feel is emphasized
hem rib
*No pocket
Waist elastic & string

full length


Product dyeing 30/-Polyester/Thermal
30/- MVS polyester waffle knit
/ garment dyed
Polyester 100%
garment dyed

This is a thermal waffle knit fabric made from spun polyester No. 30 single yarn and dyed with polyester. It is a material that has a cotton-like texture and is also morphologically stable. It is characterized by a three-dimensional waffle structure that has been increased in thickness and bulge by dyeing the product.
*When dyeing polyester products, the wrinkles and texture of the fabric will vary depending on the color, size, lot, and color. In addition, there are large individual differences, and in addition to wrinkles, the texture may also vary greatly. Please note that this is a characteristic of polyester product dyeing.

Polyester product dyed, tumble dried

women / Model H = 169cm
men / Model H = 179cm

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