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collarless mod coat
Front center zipper
String and stopper on the back of the waist
Single bead pocket & flap
All colors = black matte button
C/#40,91, = Kinari Tape/BK Mushizip
C/#95 = BK Tape/BK Mushizip
One piece tailored

Separately sold liner can be installed
(button closure)


Flannel Rayon Garment Dyed
Flannel Rayon / garment dyed
Rayon 70% Cotton 30%
garment dyed

Deeply brushed plain weave fabric with cotton warp and double rayon yarn weft. Rayon is characterized by being very warm, and this fabric is also very warm, and its brushed texture gives it a smooth and soft texture. Since the fabric contains a large amount of rayon, product dyeing eliminates the stiffness of the fabric, creating a comfortable fabric with a unique weight and loose feel. Because the kettle used for product dyeing is small, there will be color differences depending on the lot. Colors may vary slightly when setting up. note that. The brushed fabric will be dyed darkly and the base fabric at the back will be dyed lightly. It may look like uneven dyeing, but this is a characteristic of this fabric. Also, please note that there may be individual differences in size.
Brushing the coat from time to time with a soft brush will keep it soft and fluffy for a long time.

Product dyed and tumble dried

women / Model H = 169cm
men / Model H = 179cm

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