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shirt collar with collar
set-in sleeve

flat hem
Long back hem
Gusset on the side
Make a big dart from the front neck

C#01 = White Shell Button
C#10,90,95 = black matte button


40/1 organic cotton/strong twist weather
40/1 High twisted cotton / Weather
Cotton 100%
garment washed

A plain weave, slightly sweet weather fabric made from 100% organic cotton with a strong twist and number 40 single yarn.
The greige is washed directly with water without any sorting and processing, and then tumble dried to create a finish with a rough texture and strong wrinkles.
It has a dry touch characteristic of highly twisted yarn, yet has a slightly soft texture.
A characteristic of this fabric is that there are strong wrinkles and smudges throughout the fabric that cannot be removed even with ironing, such as raw creases and lightning wrinkles.
This is a characteristic of this fabric. Enjoy the unique texture of this fabric.
Product washed and tumble dried

women / Model H = 169cm
men / Model H = 179cm

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