leaf handle pouch _ no.2 / nylon twill

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leaf handle pouch _ no.2

material /
nylon twill


W 315mm×H 270mm / handle: 272mm

This pouch is made of durable, lightweight, and water-repellent nylon material.
The small size can be placed in a bag and used as a storage space for small items.
The strap that extends from the opening of the pouch fits comfortably in your hand when you hold it, and you won't feel the weight of your luggage.
We have a total of 3 types available in different sizes.

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Materials, capacity, worthless things, cash, junk, stuffing...

Fabric bag brand designed by style craft - STUFF -
We will continue to propose bags that can literally cover a wide variety of things and become a new standard.

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leaf handle pouch _ no.2 / nylon twill

leaf handle pouch _ no.2 / nylon twill