in the sky [S] / Koichi Futatsumata

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The withered branches are caught on the lower branches and sway to and fro. I felt a new beauty in the danger and balance of the situation created by such coincidence.
"in the sky", born from such interest and creativity, is sure to enrich your space.

Branches fall and tangle with the ones below, gently swinging in the air.
I felt a kind of beauty, within the fragile balance a coincidence can create.
My interest towards this kind of beauty gave birth to the "in the sky", an object which shall frame the space with richness.

This work uses a very simple idea, simple materials, and few components to enrich the space.
Beyond the ephemeral presence, the question of what richness is can be seen.

in the sky
Designer | Koichi Futamata Size | (S) W665 D656 H370
Color|silver, gold

Koichi Futatsumata

Born in Kagoshima in 1975. Since 2000, he has led the design studio CASE-REAL. Based in Fukuoka and Tokyo, he conducts design activities in various fields such as furniture, products, and architecture, with a focus on spatial design, and his various projects have received high praise both domestically and internationally.
Recent products include the table/HAMMOCK, which was announced by E&Y last year and became a hot topic, and the vacuum tube audio amplifier/22, which will be released by EK JAPAN at the end of this year.
Major awards include Design for Asia Award / Bronze Award (2010), AR Awards / Commendations 2 works (2009), Digital Design of The Year / Gold Award (2002).

Born in Kagoshima, 1975. In 2000, he established a design studio CASE-REAL. He's activities based in Fukuoka and Tokyo.
Mainly he designs interior design, and also furniture, product, architecture as well. A variety of his work has been highly-priced both
at home and abroad. His recent work is a low table "HAMMOCK" for E&Y Co., Ltd. and a tube amp "22" for EK JAPAN will be announced the end of 2010.
He has received many awards including the Design for Asia Award / Bronze Award (2010), AR Awards / Commendations (2009), Digital Design of The Year / Gold Award (2002).

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in the sky [S] / Koichi Futatsumata

in the sky [S] / Koichi Futatsumata