GE_NC1804T6 | NKHB6T

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Side slit

6/4 sleeve



120/2 Queen cotton/T-cloth

120/2 sirospun South India Cotton / Plain knit

Cotton 100%

This is a slightly thin, high-density cotton jersey made from extra-long 120-ply South Indian cotton. The clothes themselves are made to run diagonally to create distortion and create a loose atmosphere.

There are wrinkles on the facings of the hem and cuffs, but these were intentionally added to take advantage of the diagonal pattern and show a soft texture.

Because the product is washed, there may be individual differences in size.

Product washed and tumble dried

women / Model H = 171cm

men / Model H = 183cm

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GE_NC1804T6 | NKHB6T

GE_NC1804T6 | NKHB6T