GE_NC1802T6 | NCO6T

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Just size

3/4 sleeve

Hem and cuffs left uncut

It will naturally roll to the front side.



120/2 Queen cotton/T-cloth

120/2 sirospun South India Cotton / Plain knit

Cotton 100%

This is a slightly thin, high-density cotton jersey made from extra-long 120-ply South Indian cotton. The clothes themselves are made to run diagonally to create distortion and create a loose atmosphere.

The hem and cuffs are uncut, and are rolled up to the front to give the hem strength. Please be careful not to forcefully pull the hem or cuffs.

Because the product is washed, there may be individual differences in size.

Product washed and tumble dried

men / Model H = 183cm

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GE_NC1802T6 | NCO6T

GE_NC1802T6 | NCO6T