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3/4 sleeve

Side slit

Long back hem

XS: Length 67.5cm / Sleeve length 57.5cm / Width 63cm / Hem width 60.5cm / Cuff circumference 33cm

S: Length 71cm / Sleeve length 62cm / Width 66.5cm / Hem width 63.5cm / Cuff circumference 34.5cm

M: Length 73cm / Sleeve length 66cm / Width 69.5cm / Hem width 67cm / Cuff circumference 36cm


60/3 extra long cotton high gauge Mikko jersey

60/3 Micco high guage jersey stitch

Cotton 100%

This jersey is made from triple-twisted 60-count fluffed extra-long cotton thread and knitted tightly in 24 cages.

After knitting, the fuzz is removed once again to create a clear finish.

Due to the product being washed, the size may vary depending on the color.

Product washed and tumble dried

women / Model H = 171cm

men / Model H = 183cm

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GE_NC1602T7 | NTHN7T

GE_NC1602T7 | NTHN7T