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revive collar shirt


#Curved sleeves with rear sleeves close to the shoulders

Thick sleeve gathers

Sleeve front hook, bag stitching, representative

Side seam pocket

No lining

C/#02,80 = White Shell Button

C/#75 = black matte button

XS: Length 106cm / Sleeve length 72.5cm / Width 68.5cm / Hem width 73cm / Cuff circumference 23.5cm

S: Length 109.5cm / Sleeve length 80.5cm / Width 72cm / Hem width 78cm / Cuff circumference 25cm

M: Length 114cm / Sleeve length 83cm / Width 75cm / Hem width 81.5cm / Cuff circumference 26cm


Spun polyester lawn/product dyeing

Span Polyester Lawn / garment dye

Polyester 100%

This lawn fabric is made of spun polyester yarn with a weight of 30/- for both the warp and weft. The yarn is thick for a lawn, so it is not see-through and has a soft shirt fabric. The product is dyed to create puckering and a rough feel.

When dyeing polyester products, the wrinkles and texture of the fabric will vary depending on the color, size, and lot. In addition, there are large individual differences, and in addition to wrinkles, the texture may also vary greatly. Please note that this is a characteristic of polyester product dyeing.

Polyester product dyed and tumble dried

women / Model H = 171cm

men / Model H = 183cm

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