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Classic pants that last a long time


full length

Front waist 2 tuck

The crotch is slightly down

C/#80 = White Shell Button

C/#10,95 = black matte button



polyester linen dobby

Polyester & Linen Dobby

Polyester 90% Linen 10%

This is a dobby weave fabric that uses polyester spun yarn for the warp and 40/1 polyester ramie blend yarn and stretchable polyester yarn for the weft. It is a fabric that has the texture of linen, but is highly functional and has a texture. When washing the product, bio-processing is applied to make it slightly softer. A characteristic of this fabric is that linen thread knots may be slightly noticeable. Please enjoy it as a texture. Please be careful when wearing or washing as it is easy to get caught on protrusions or hangnails.

Product washed, bio-processed, tumble dried

women / Model H = 171cm

men / Model H = 183cm

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