GE_FR1204T6 | FOTK6T

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Tuck-in T


Wide crew neck

6/4 sleeve

The hem is tucked into the bottom for a neat fit.

You can also wear it tucked in by folding the bottom part inward from the switching part.



Product dyeing 30/- Spun polyester waffle

30/- Spun Polyester waffle knit

/ garment dyed

Polyester 100%

This is a thermal waffle knit fabric made from cotton-like polyester No. 30 single yarn and dyed with polyester. It has a cotton-like texture and an atmospheric finish. It is a material that absorbs water quickly, dries quickly, protects against UV rays, and has anti-pilling properties, making it a very stable material.

*When dyeing polyester products, the wrinkles and texture of the fabric will vary depending on the color, size, and lot. In addition, there are large individual differences, and in addition to wrinkles, the texture may also vary greatly. Please note that this is a characteristic of polyester product dyeing.

Polyester product dyed, tumble dried

women / Model H = 169cm

men / Model H = 179cm

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GE_FR1204T6 | FOTK6T

GE_FR1204T6 | FOTK6T