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Wide crew neck

Just size

Hem, cuffs, neckline ribs

Side seam pocket

XS: Length 68cm / Shoulder width 35.5cm / Sleeve length 57.5cm / Width 67.5cm / Hem width 50cm / Cuff circumference 36.5cm

S: Length 70.5cm / Shoulder width 39.5cm / Sleeve length 64cm / Width 69.5cm / Hem width 52cm / Cuff circumference 37.5cm

M: Length 74.5cm / Shoulder width 41cm / Sleeve length 67cm / Width 73cm / Hem width 54cm / Cuff circumference 38cm


Product dyed polyester fleece

Spun Polyester french terry

/ garment dyed

Polyester 100%

The product is dyed with cotton-like 100% polyester fleece, which is equivalent to 30/10 in terms of cotton count. The surface uses dry-touch cotton-like polyester thread, and the back uses puffy polyester thread. It has a soft finish with a texture that is very similar to the fleece of sweetly knitted cotton.

It does not stretch, which is common with cotton knit fabrics, and has a soft product-dyed texture, yet is extremely stable.

*When dyeing polyester products, the wrinkles and texture of the fabric will vary depending on the color, size, and lot. In addition, there are large individual differences, and in addition to wrinkles, the texture may also vary greatly. Please note that this is a characteristic of polyester product dyeing.

Polyester product dyed, tumble dried

women / Model H = 169cm

men / Model H = 179cm

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