cup / wi20-007

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Size: Approximately W 120mm (including handle) × H 80mm

This is a work from a collection named after the real French physicist Coriolis, which was announced at SHOKKI 2020 Winter.

brand concept
When taking a walk, you can get to know the neighbor's meal from the cooking smell surrounding their house. This could be one way of seeing the world. SHOKKI sees daily life from such a perspective as making ceramic cups and plates by hand.

That's how you get to know the world, like going out for a walk and finding out what your neighbor's menu is and thinking, ``It smells good.'' SHOKKI observes everyday life while handcrafting cups and plates.

About using the product
Please refrain from using in the microwave, oven, or open flame.
In particular, please never use items with gold or silver decorations in the microwave.
Soaking cups and plates in water overnight after purchase and before using them for the first time will prevent color staining when filled with dark liquids such as coffee.
Please be careful not to rub the printed photos or images with abrasives or hard objects. This may cause peeling or scratches.

Precautions when handling Kintsugi (Urushtsutsugi) products
Please refrain from using in the microwave, dishwasher, or oven.
Please be careful not to rub it with a hard object (such as a metal knife or fork) or a hard sponge, as the surface of the kintsugi area may peel off.
Please do not leave it in water for a long time.
We do not recommend using it in the refrigerator as it may cause deterioration.

Care instructions
Do not use in microwaves, ovens or on an open flame.
Ceramics with a metallic glaze must not be used in the microwave.
To avoid stains, soak ceramics over night before use.
For ceramics with printed images, do not scrub or use abrasive soaps.

Care Instructions for Kin-Tsugi products
Do not place Kin-Tsugi products in dishwasher, microwave or oven.
Kin-tsugi surfaces are very fragile. Do not scrub with hand sponges.
Do not scratch with metal cutlery.
Do not leave to soak in water.
Leaving products in refrigerator could cause deterioration.

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cup / wi20-007

cup / wi20-007