walden / Gen Suzuki


Size | φ.15 w.343
素材 | beeswax crayon

I found a twig in Walden Woods. I used it to make a mold. I made a crayon from the mold.


Consumer can display this crayon or snap like a twig and draw a picture with broken crayons.

鈴木元 / Gen Suzuki

1975年生まれ。松下電器 (現・パナソニック株式会社) を経て、現在IDEO勤務。100%Design London最優秀新人賞など受賞多数。

Born in 1975. Worked as a designer for Panasonic, before he joined IDEO. Awards he has received include Best New Comer,
100% DESIGN London, 2002. He graduated from the Design Products Department at the Royal College of Art in London.

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walden / Gen Suzuki

walden / Gen Suzuki