third / Max Lamb


third   Max Lamb

サイズ|w.380 d.525 h.794
* knockdown

これはデザイナーと全てのパーツを作る生産者、そして自宅で組み立てる消費者が同じ割合で関与する、33/33/33 プロジェクトです。
それはすなわち、消費者がいくらかの責任を持ち、その先に自信を取り戻すという事であり、"third" はそれを反映した物です。
This is a 33/33/33 project, where the designer and manufacturer constructing all the components, and the consumer assembling
the chair at home, are equally involved in the completion of the piece. People used to be much more resourceful, but nowadays
we have become lazy, less confident, or even lost the practical knowledge entirely. This is very sad.
I would like to encourage people to re-discover their ability for building furniture and regain the confidence to work
with tools. Giving the consumer a certain volume of responsibility, is for them to regain confidence.
"third" is a project reflecting these ideas..

*This is a do-it-yourself kit.

Max Lamb


Max Lamb (UK, 1980) grew up in a bucolic seaside town in Cornwall, England, an upbringing that imbued him with a love of nature
and a creative spirit leading him to explore materials by re-contextualizing them in both conventional and unconventional ways.
He celebrates the inherent qualities of his materials and reconsiders their function. Lamb looks to design products that stimulate
a positive three-way interaction between product, maker and user through a visual simplicity that effectively communicates the obvious.
After completing a degree in Three-Dimensional Design at Northumbria University, Lamb went on to receive a Master's Degree
in Design Products from the Royal College of Art, London in 2006. A frequent lecturer and design workshop leader,
Lamb currently lives in London where he continues to develop new designs that challenge the traditional concepts of the materials he uses
and the processes with which he manipulates them.

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third / Max Lamb

third / Max Lamb