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no color

It's a drop shoulder

The size is compact

C/#01,73 = White Shell Button

C/#12,95 = black matte button

38_ : Length 67.5cm / Sleeve length 67.5cm / Width 65cm / Hem width 62cm / Cuff circumference 23cm


matte polyester typewriter

Matt polyester typewriter cloth / Wash like finished

Polyester 100%

A plain weave high-density typewriter fabric made from full dull (non-glossy) polyester Taslan processed yarn.

In terms of cotton, it is about the same thickness as No. 60 single thread plain weave, and has a thin, light and refreshing feel. Due to the SY processing, the surface has fine wrinkles and a natural texture. The fabric is easy to handle and does not wrinkle easily when worn. Full dull thread is less transparent, so even light colors are difficult to see through.

women / Model H = 164cm

men / Model H = 179cm

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