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Stainless steel collar shirt blouson


With below elbow tuck


back shoulder tuck

Side slit

The back hem is longer

Tab on the back of the collar

Can be worn with the collar up

One piece tailored

Button = all black

XS: Length 79cm / Sleeve length 76cm / Width 66.5cm / Hem width 67cm / Cuff circumference 24cm

S: Length 82.5cm / Sleeve length 82.5cm / Width 70cm / Hem width 70cm / Cuff circumference 25.5cm

M: Length 86cm / Sleeve length 86.5cm / Width 73.5cm / Hem width 73.5cm / Cuff circumference 26cm


Nylon tussah/garment dyed

Nylon tussah poplin / garment dyed

100% Nylon

Due to the tussah weaving, which uses slightly thicker threads for the weft, there are slight horizontal ridges, and the fabric is brushed, giving it a soft touch even though it is nylon. It is a fabric that bulges out and creates light volume.

A characteristic of this fabric is that each panel has different shades of color. In addition, large puckering appears and the color does not enter the seams, including the rolled stitches, making them a little lighter.

Nylon absorbs a lot of dye, resulting in deep and complex colors that are difficult to explain in words.

Product dyed, tumble dried


A characteristic of the product dyeing process is that the dyeing process may be uneven, and there may be significant seam shrinkage. Also, the size may vary slightly for each piece. Enjoy the unique texture of dyed nylon products.

women / Model H = 169cm

men / Model H = 179cm

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