GE_FR1702S6 | FBFH6S

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back flare shirt

3/4 sleeve

shirt collar with collar

set-in sleeve

C#02,42 = White Shell Button

C#90,95 = black matte button



Polyester product dyeing/melange broad

Polyester & Cotton melange broad cloth

/ garment dyed

Polyester 65% Cotton 35%

45/- This broadcloth fabric is made from a polyester/cotton blend yarn, and is thin yet firm, and is resistant to wrinkles.

Because the blended yarn is dyed into polyester products, all colors except 95 Black are dyed in a melange style.

*When dyeing polyester products, the wrinkles and texture of the fabric will vary depending on the color, size, and lot. In addition, there are large individual differences, and in addition to wrinkles, the texture may also vary greatly. Please note that this is a characteristic of polyester product dyeing.

Polyester product dyed, tumble dried (95 Black is washed under the same conditions as product dyeing)

women / Model H = 169cm

men / Model H = 179cm

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GE_FR1702S6 | FBFH6S

GE_FR1702S6 | FBFH6S