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stand collar pullover
Back center wing button opening

C/#02,50 = White Shell Button
C/#92 = black matte button


60/-Polyester typewriter/product dyeing
60/- Polyester Typewriter / garment dye
Polyester 100%

This is a typewriter fabric woven in a high-density plain weave using polyester with a warp of full dull of 50d and weft of 60/- spun polyester.
The finish has been treated to reduce weight, so it has a soft finish for a typewriter.
The polyester is dyed to create puckering and a rough look.

Although it is possible to simply dye polyester at most dyeing factories, it is technically a very difficult process to dye it stably to prevent dye transfer. This polyester product was dyed by a factory with advanced technology that prevents color transfer. By dyeing polyester fabric that does not easily pill, we have achieved both a good texture and stable physical properties. Product dyed and tumble dried

Because the product is dyed, there may be individual differences in uneven dyeing, wrinkles, size, color, etc.

women / Model H = 164cm
men / Model H = 179cm

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